Celebrate Independence Day the Vinyl Way!

I love this time of year. I drive through the small towns in my area and houses are decked out with red, white and blue bunting, and flags  swaying in the breeze. Fireworks dazzle us from everyone’s yard (yes it’s illegal in Iowa, but you would never know!), and kids run through the grass with sparklers in hand. Then there is the fragrant smells of the BBQ grill that entice everyone and make your stomach ache for meal time. To finish it off, my family ALWAYS has homemade ice cream after a BBQ. It’s a must!

It’s days like this when you look around, and think of how thankful we are to have our freedom. There are brothers from my hometown that have served in the military and serve proudly with the Walnut, IA American Legion. One of them has three sons that have all served in the military, with one of them having attended West Point. They are probably the most patriotic people I know. That is why when they asked us to make them vinyl barn quilts, I knew what they would want. They had to be red, white, and blue!


Now a traditional barn quilt is either painted directly on the barn or shed, or it is painted on a square piece of plywood then hung on the barn. We decided to take them a step further. We do not use plywood which can rot and deteriorate quickly. We use sign grade material for our backing which will last much longer. Then we cover it with a laminated, printed vinyl design of your choice. Having the printed option allows you to be less traditional. You can add family names, special dates, or pictures if you want. It is much easier to make it your own and unique. Plus, depending on the conditions your quilt will be facing, it will last longer than a painted barn quilt.

We would love to help you bring out your patriotism! Visit our website at http://www.rosecitysigniowa.com for ideas, or give us a call at 800-316-9122. If you are not quite sure what it is you want, we can help. We have a great graphic designer to help you with your creative needs!

Tim’s Quote of the Week: “Your mistakes should be your motivation, not your excuses.”


Nostalgic Signs

For those of you who know me personally, you know I am a nostalgic person. I love history, old books, old buildings, old movies, and old cemetaries. I am the person begging her husband to let her fix up and save the old summer kitchen because there aren’t many left, and they are a part of our past. Who we once were as a country.

I guess you could say I think it’s important to know where we came from, and how we have grown as a society. Plus, most of the time it is just a lot of fun to look at some of nostalgic items and walk down memory lane.

This past Saturday June 23, 2012, the permanent home of the American Sign Museum opened in Cincinnati, Ohio. The following link will take you to an article about the museum. Look at the pictures because there is a lot of memory lane walking to do!


Vehicle Wrap Maintenance

If you have a vehicle wrap, or are thinking about getting one, this is a great article about how to take care of them. Enjoy and have a wonderful week!


Best Color Combinations for Signs

The whole purpose of designing a sign is to get your business or organization noticed. Correct? There are some considerations you should think about before you give a final okay to your sign company. Look around at the other signs in your area and your competitors signs. What is going to make your sign stand out more so it gets noticed?

One consideration may be the font you choose for your wording. Is it easy to read as people are driving by or trying to find you for the first time?

Size of course is important, but you must comply with your city’s regulations and renter’s agreement. Don’t make any decisions until you have found all of this part out! It will be money wasted if you have everything ready to install, and you can’t use it.

If you have a company logo or other symbol that people will connect with your business, try to incorporate it into your sign. Make your sign easily recognizable. You will draw traffic that way, and your customers will find you easier.

The final consideration, is color combinations for your sign. I ran across this combination chart a while back, and it is a great place to start when choosing your sign colors. I truly do not know where this picture came from. I received it in an email, but it is very helpful!

ImageGood luck designing your new sign!

Here is Tim’s quote of the week: “Ingenuity + Courage + Hard Work = MIRACLES!

Not Today!

I am very sorry, but due to
unforeseen circumstances I won’t have a blog written until tomorrow. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but I promise there will be one tomorrow!

Adding QR Codes to Your Sign and Advertising

Some of you are probably asking “What is a QR Code?”. For those of you that do not know, they are the “bar code” looking squares you see on everything from drink cups to car wraps. Now you are probably asking “How can this little square help my business or event?”. QR Codes work by using a code scanner app downloaded to your smartphone. You simply take a picture of the QR Code and the scanner does the work.

So, now I see your head spinning because you are like my husband and really don’t want to make the move to use a smart phone. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in the very near future, you will only be able to buy a smart phone. My husband is reluctantly realizing this and is getting closer to taking the leap.

How QR Codes work after you take the picture is really quite simple. We here are Rose City Canopy and Sign simply have our code direct people to our website. Other usages would be to direct people to a page for a contest they can enter, or for special information about an upcoming event. You can even direct it to go to your Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter page.

Here is the beauty of the QR Code in my opinion – once the code is scanned, it is saved to your QR Code app until you delete it. Brilliant! You don’t have to rescan the image. The information is always there. Easy to access and ready to use!

Let’s look at some ways to use this application. As I said earlier, here at Rose City Canopy and Sign we direct it to our website. We have added it to our newspaper ads and added it to our window decals for our vehicles. Here are what they look like:

You may notice at gas stations/convenient stores they have the QR Code on a sign by the street, the door, or even on the gas pumps. These are usually used to promote specials they have inside, or a contest going on for the company. This is a great way to get people back to your location. They can go back to that scanned code every day and see what your special is for that day. Once again, BRILLIANT!

Speedy Decal Picking!

I hope everyone had a safe and eventful Memorial Day weekend! Mine was spent celebrating my dad’s 80th birthday and hanging out with family and friends. I couldn’t ask for more.

Since I know I still have brain fog from the long weekend, and I’m sure you do too, I thought I would keep my blog simple this week. Here is a video which just amazed me. This is what we do to cut vinyl decals before we mask and cut them apart. The guy is this video is amazing, and I am extremely jealous! I know I can’t pick vinyl this fast! Enjoy!

Quote of the Week:  The difference between the possible and the impossible lies in a persons determination.

Window Cling Ads

I was reading an interesting blog this morning written by Barry K. Brown about how retail stores are using window cling ads instead of vinyl on their windows. This is because of the adhesive used on vinyl and it sticking to the window. I found it quite interesting, and thought you might like it as well. Enjoy!

Window Cling Ads? Why Static Clings Are Gaining Popularity Due to Concern Over Adhesives

Window Clings we have on our vehicles.

Event Season Is Coming! Event Season Is Coming!

It’s that time of year. We all are getting ready for whatever events we will be taking part in this summer, be it county fairs, farmer’s markets, parades, festivals or trade shows. For me, I love it. Meeting and talking to new people is what makes me tick. Promoting a product I believe in makes it even better. Sometimes getting ready for these events can cause quite the headache though. It’s easy to put off getting ready for these, simply because we don’t think about it until right before the event. I feel this can be a mistake for promoting your business.

Isn’t the reason for doing promotional events to promote your business? Don’t you want to promote your business in a way that makes everyone take notice and remember who you are? To do this, it takes planning ahead, especially if you need to order graphics such as banners, printed table cloths, flags, vinyl floor graphics, etc. These items take some time to get ready and get to you.

      Now you may be asking “Why should I have special items like these?”. The answer – TO GET NOTICED! It doesn’t have to be extravagant or fancy. Having a stand out banner may be enough for you. What if you really want to get noticed? How about a vinyl floor decal for in front of your booth? How about flags or stand up banners at each end of your booth? Why not have a LED Menu Board welcoming people, or have your product written on there, and have the board flashing? Don’t forget to do window decals for your vehicles. They will be seen in the parking lot. It’s just another way to reenforce that your business is there. LED Menu Board

     Below is a list of items you should consider having for your event. Remember to give your sign and graphics company enough time to get these items done for you. Rushing items along will cost you extra money, and you will want to make sure you receive them in time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by following this link http://www.rosecitysigniowa.com/Contact-Us.html.

Here is the list I promised:

  • Banners
  • Flags
  • Tent (If outdoor event)
  • Displays
  • Site Signs
  • Backdrops
  • Vinyl Floor Graphics
  • Window and Vehicle Graphics
  • Posters
  • Table Covers with Your Logo on Them
  • Menu Board
  • Brochures
  • QR Codes! (LOVE THESE!) Have them on brochures, signs, EVERYTHING! They are a link on the go!



Spring Cleaning

Before I start with your tip for the week, I want to remind everyone out there to remember your mother’s, wives, or special women who are like your mother this Sunday May 13th. I think sometimes we forget how much these people do and have done for us in our lives. I know I could never thank my mom enough for all she did. She was a fantastic lady, and I have several “other mothers” that are just as special. Let them know you care.

Enough of that lecture!

I have been sick for the past week with a lovely combination of bronchitis, cold and flu. As I was laying on my couch watching The Princess Diaries 2(no, there was nothing else on worth watching) and feeling like I was dying, I was thinking of all the things I needed to do around the house inside and out for a “Spring Cleaning”. The list just kept getting bigger, which made me feel even worse!

I then started thinking about how businesses and households should do a spring cleaning. What I mean by this is an “image” cleaning.

For businesses, look at your sign. Does it need some sprucing up? Maybe a coat of paint on the pole or cabinet? Does it look faded? Maybe it’s time for a new sign. Do you have landscaping around your sign? Clean out the weeds, lay some new mulch, or add some new plants and flowers. Maybe you have decals on your door that need replacing. Not only does this improve the image of your business, but little changes like this get noticed and may bring in new customers or clients.

For your home, maybe you need new numbers on your mailbox or door numbers. Try an etched vinyl with your house number cut out on your front door. How about a small barn quilt on your garage or garden shed?  The vinyl barn quilts we make are made of high grade printed laminated vinyl, and backed with sign ACM. No worrying about plywood rotting in a few years. Also, because it’s printed vinyl, you don’t have to stick to a traditional pattern. You can personalize it with a family crest, photo, or whatever you wish!

Spring is a time for renewal, so don’t be afraid to renew your image!