Celebrate Independence Day the Vinyl Way!

I love this time of year. I drive through the small towns in my area and houses are decked out with red, white and blue bunting, and flags  swaying in the breeze. Fireworks dazzle us from everyone’s yard (yes it’s illegal in Iowa, but you would never know!), and kids run through the grass with sparklers in hand. Then there is the fragrant smells of the BBQ grill that entice everyone and make your stomach ache for meal time. To finish it off, my family ALWAYS has homemade ice cream after a BBQ. It’s a must!

It’s days like this when you look around, and think of how thankful we are to have our freedom. There are brothers from my hometown that have served in the military and serve proudly with the Walnut, IA American Legion. One of them has three sons that have all served in the military, with one of them having attended West Point. They are probably the most patriotic people I know. That is why when they asked us to make them vinyl barn quilts, I knew what they would want. They had to be red, white, and blue!


Now a traditional barn quilt is either painted directly on the barn or shed, or it is painted on a square piece of plywood then hung on the barn. We decided to take them a step further. We do not use plywood which can rot and deteriorate quickly. We use sign grade material for our backing which will last much longer. Then we cover it with a laminated, printed vinyl design of your choice. Having the printed option allows you to be less traditional. You can add family names, special dates, or pictures if you want. It is much easier to make it your own and unique. Plus, depending on the conditions your quilt will be facing, it will last longer than a painted barn quilt.

We would love to help you bring out your patriotism! Visit our website at http://www.rosecitysigniowa.com for ideas, or give us a call at 800-316-9122. If you are not quite sure what it is you want, we can help. We have a great graphic designer to help you with your creative needs!

Tim’s Quote of the Week: “Your mistakes should be your motivation, not your excuses.”


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