Best Color Combinations for Signs

The whole purpose of designing a sign is to get your business or organization noticed. Correct? There are some considerations you should think about before you give a final okay to your sign company. Look around at the other signs in your area and your competitors signs. What is going to make your sign stand out more so it gets noticed?

One consideration may be the font you choose for your wording. Is it easy to read as people are driving by or trying to find you for the first time?

Size of course is important, but you must comply with your city’s regulations and renter’s agreement. Don’t make any decisions until you have found all of this part out! It will be money wasted if you have everything ready to install, and you can’t use it.

If you have a company logo or other symbol that people will connect with your business, try to incorporate it into your sign. Make your sign easily recognizable. You will draw traffic that way, and your customers will find you easier.

The final consideration, is color combinations for your sign. I ran across this combination chart a while back, and it is a great place to start when choosing your sign colors. I truly do not know where this picture came from. I received it in an email, but it is very helpful!

ImageGood luck designing your new sign!

Here is Tim’s quote of the week: “Ingenuity + Courage + Hard Work = MIRACLES!


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