Adding QR Codes to Your Sign and Advertising

Some of you are probably asking “What is a QR Code?”. For those of you that do not know, they are the “bar code” looking squares you see on everything from drink cups to car wraps. Now you are probably asking “How can this little square help my business or event?”. QR Codes work by using a code scanner app downloaded to your smartphone. You simply take a picture of the QR Code and the scanner does the work.

So, now I see your head spinning because you are like my husband and really don’t want to make the move to use a smart phone. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in the very near future, you will only be able to buy a smart phone. My husband is reluctantly realizing this and is getting closer to taking the leap.

How QR Codes work after you take the picture is really quite simple. We here are Rose City Canopy and Sign simply have our code direct people to our website. Other usages would be to direct people to a page for a contest they can enter, or for special information about an upcoming event. You can even direct it to go to your Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter page.

Here is the beauty of the QR Code in my opinion – once the code is scanned, it is saved to your QR Code app until you delete it. Brilliant! You don’t have to rescan the image. The information is always there. Easy to access and ready to use!

Let’s look at some ways to use this application. As I said earlier, here at Rose City Canopy and Sign we direct it to our website. We have added it to our newspaper ads and added it to our window decals for our vehicles. Here are what they look like:

You may notice at gas stations/convenient stores they have the QR Code on a sign by the street, the door, or even on the gas pumps. These are usually used to promote specials they have inside, or a contest going on for the company. This is a great way to get people back to your location. They can go back to that scanned code every day and see what your special is for that day. Once again, BRILLIANT!


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