Spring Cleaning

Before I start with your tip for the week, I want to remind everyone out there to remember your mother’s, wives, or special women who are like your mother this Sunday May 13th. I think sometimes we forget how much these people do and have done for us in our lives. I know I could never thank my mom enough for all she did. She was a fantastic lady, and I have several “other mothers” that are just as special. Let them know you care.

Enough of that lecture!

I have been sick for the past week with a lovely combination of bronchitis, cold and flu. As I was laying on my couch watching The Princess Diaries 2(no, there was nothing else on worth watching) and feeling like I was dying, I was thinking of all the things I needed to do around the house inside and out for a “Spring Cleaning”. The list just kept getting bigger, which made me feel even worse!

I then started thinking about how businesses and households should do a spring cleaning. What I mean by this is an “image” cleaning.

For businesses, look at your sign. Does it need some sprucing up? Maybe a coat of paint on the pole or cabinet? Does it look faded? Maybe it’s time for a new sign. Do you have landscaping around your sign? Clean out the weeds, lay some new mulch, or add some new plants and flowers. Maybe you have decals on your door that need replacing. Not only does this improve the image of your business, but little changes like this get noticed and may bring in new customers or clients.

For your home, maybe you need new numbers on your mailbox or door numbers. Try an etched vinyl with your house number cut out on your front door. How about a small barn quilt on your garage or garden shed?  The vinyl barn quilts we make are made of high grade printed laminated vinyl, and backed with sign ACM. No worrying about plywood rotting in a few years. Also, because it’s printed vinyl, you don’t have to stick to a traditional pattern. You can personalize it with a family crest, photo, or whatever you wish!

Spring is a time for renewal, so don’t be afraid to renew your image!


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