Personalizing Your Home with Vinyl Decals

     The craze of applying vinyl decals to your walls keeps growing and growing. What a wonderful idea! You can change the look of your walls by simply applying a decal, and remove it when you want another change. It is another one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” ideas. It’s not limited to your walls though. You can decal ceiling fan blades, appliances, and furniture. It’s a great way to show your style. This is also a great way to customize your space if you are renting the dwelling you are living in. When you get ready to move, simply remove the decal.

     Pick a theme of what you want your room to follow. For example, if you are doing a child’s room, will it be sports, princess, zoo, jungle, or ballerinas? Either find the decals you want in a store, on-line, or have them made. Don’t stop there. Add their name in a font that compliments the decals and theme you have chosen. If you are having your decals made, implement their name as part of the decal. For example, if there is a tree, have their name spelled out in a branch shape. Make it unique!

     For an older child, let them help in the decision making so their room reflects them. My daughter loves horses, and has a dream of being a barrel racer. We have a 4 foot barrel racer turning a barrel above her headboard. She chose the pattern, and it suits her to a “T”.


      If you have a media room, add movie reels and film along the walls. How fun! We are slowly (and I mean slowly) remodeling our house. We live on my husband’s family farm in a century old farm house. Bringing some of the outbuilding elements into our house is what we want to do so we are adding barn board, corrugated tin, etc. Eventually I want my kitchen to look like an old barn. To keep the farm theme going, I plan on adding a windmill/water tank scene on my dishwasher.


     Don’t stop with the special sayings on your wall. Add some flowers or a tree. Make your decal add dimension and depth to your room. It could also be a great way to add a splash of color to a room. Make it yours! Don’t be afraid. If you don’t like it, it comes right off! That’s the beauty of it!

     Have fun with this project, and I would love to hear your ideas. As always, we are here to help you with all of your vinyl needs so feel free to contact me!


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