Sign Considerations

When you are driving down a street or road, and a sign catches your eye, do you realize that sign has done it’s job? It made you look at it, and chances are you will remember it and the business it represents. Eye catching signs mix design and marketing by mixing what you want to say, how you want it to look, size, and style to make your image come to life. It will literally say “Here I am!”

A sign advertises your business 24 hours a day and should earn you money. Designing the right sign will help a business by creating higher sales volume. An outdoor lighted sign over time is the least costly form of advertising you can buy. It will let people know you are there even after business hours.

The SBA says that an LED Message Center will increase your volume 15-150%! Amazing! I am a huge fan of LED Message Centers, but these signs may not be for everyone when it comes to cost. When considering going this route, get an estimate from your sign company. Then sit down and do the math. Make sure the sign will pay for itself in a timely manner. As an example: There is a real estate company in a town that has competition from 3 other companies. They used their sign to show pictures of open houses, and showcase houses on their message center to bring awareness to passers-by. By selling just 5-6 houses, it has paid for itself. How quickly do you want to have your message center paying for itself? How do you plan to use your center to bring you business? These are critical questions you must ask yourself before deciding to go this route.

In general, Your sign is your business’s first impression for your potential new customer. It should look as good as it looked when it was first erected, and state what your overall business message. Take time choosing your sign. It reflects you!

Finally, you must get the okay from your landlord and the city of your dwelling before you do anything! This should be a simple task, but they do not always understand the importance of how signage makes or breaks your business. Consider the location of your business. Will potential new customers be able to see, read and understand your sign? What are your city’s sign ordinances? What does your lease agreement state about signage?

Rose City Canopy & Sign Walnut, IA

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